Discipleship Stages Map

Discipleship Stages

Seeker-->Believer-->Disciple-->Disciple Maker

At CBC, we believe you are not really a disciple until you've made a disciple who makes a disciple. We've all got to start somewhere. We understand we are all on a spiritual journey and can find ourselves somewhere in one of these FOUR different stages. Stages allows anyone to find where they are on their journey and move forward. 

Some of us are SEEKERS who are curious about who Jesus really is. Is this guy really who he claims to be? We say this person is a seeker and is hungry for Jesus. When a seeker connects with Jesus, places his or her faith in him and surrenders to Jesus as Lord of their life, we say this person is a BELIEVER in Jesus who needs to be feed. The third stage is a DISCIPLE who has been discipled as a believer for sometime, has been baptized as a believer and is able to feed themselves and grow through personal worship and bible study. The four stage is DISCIPLE MAKER. This is a person who has learned to not only feed themselves, but also can feed others and mentor them to not only grow as a Christian, but to show them how to make disciples themselves. We seek to be a church that makes disciples who make disciples.  

At CBC, we believe everyone should be in a discipleship relationship with someone who is a little further along in their Christian journey. We like to create triads that include a disciple maker, a disciple and a believer or a seeker. You can be placed in a Discipleship Triad by filling out the Discipleship Stages Self-Assessment. 

Discover Your Stage

Follow this link to a self-assessment to discover your Discipleship Stage. If you have already connected with a mentor at CBC, then include their email address in the mentor section of the assessment. If you are new here and need to be connected with a mentor, then please include the following email address in the mentor section and you will be connected with a mentor. .