Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Deeply Change Your Relationship With God


  • directly addresses the reality that emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are inseparable. It is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.
  • equips people to develop a personal, first-hand relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence and Scripture as daily life rhythms.

The EH Spirituality Course moves people through 8 powerful life changing sessions:

  • The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality
  • Know Yourself That You May Know God
  • Going Back in Order to Go Forward
  • Journey Through the Wall
  • Enlarge Your Soul Through Grief and Loss
  • Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and Sabbath
  • Grow Into an Emotionally Healthy Adult
  • Go the Next Step to Develop a “Rule of Life”


Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Deeply Change Your Relationship With Others

The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course deeply changes your relationships with others by equipping you with practical relationship skills to love others like Jesus. This powerful 8-week course will equip you with practical tools to really love people in difficult situations and mature into an adult follower of Jesus. You will learn how to Check Your Community Temperature Reading, Stop Mind Reading and Clarify Expectations, Genogram Your Family, Explore The Iceberg, Listen Incarnationally, Climb the Ladder to Integrity, Fight Cleanly, and Develop a “Rule of Life” to Implement Your New Learnings.

Next Course Jan 2020

EHR is the companion course to EHS, but EHS is not a prerequisite. This course is not for self-study and must be done in groups to get the full impact of each “learning to love others” skill.