Foundations are various discipleship courses offered Sunday afternoons throughout the year which we believe are foundational to every Christian. We hope every member and regular attender of Chattahoochee will take all these courses. You can sign up for the courses by clicking the Find Out More Botton by each course description. 

The 4-1-1

New Creation & Ambassadors


Why Do We Make Disciples? 1 Corinthians 5:17-21

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Oikos - Your Sphere of Influence


Who Do We Make Disciples? John 17:20 

Your Story


What Do We Share? John 4:1-30

Commands of Christ

3/3rds Discipleship

Loving Accountability, Practice & Goal Setting

  1. Care
  2. Loving Accountability 
  3. SWORD Bible Study 
  4. Practice
  5. Set Goals
  6. Prayer/Commission

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  1. Repent & Believe 
  2. Be Baptized
  3. Pray
  4. Go...Make Disciples
  5. Persevere
  6. Love
  7. Lord's Supper
  8. Give
  9. Gather
  10. Begin Long Term Discipleship


Disciples Who Make Disciples

We were made to make disciples. In this 24 session Foundation course, learn a sweeping overview of how the Gospel is threaded through scripture from creation to Christ. Learn how to turn your relationships intentionally disciplistic and turn the world upside down. 

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Experiencing God


Knowing & Doing the Will of God

Learn to hear when God is speaking to you. 


7 Realities of Experiencing God

  1. God is always at work around you.
  2. God pursues a continuing love relationship with you that is real and personal. 
  3. God invites you to become involved with Him in His work. 
  4. God speaks by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the church to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways. 
  5. God's invitation for you to work with Him always leads you to a crisis of belief that requires faith and action. 
  6. You must make major adjustment in your life to join God in what He is doing. 
  7. You come to know God by experience as you obey Him and He accomplishes His work through you. 

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