What to Expect

Worship Services

Communion & Baptism

Communion & Baptism



Life Groups 9am

Coffee 10:45am

Worship 11am


Engage 7pm

 How long do your services last?  Generally, one hour to one hour and ten minutes when there is communion. But we let the Spirit lead. 

The music during are services is primarily hymns and praise songs accompanied by piano or guitar. Words to the songs appear on a large screen so everyone can easily sing along. 

Our services also include: prayer, scripture reading, offering, a gospel centered sermon and an invitatio

Communion & Baptism

Communion & Baptism

Communion & Baptism


We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month. 

If you are a professing Christ follower who believes in the Gospel, you are welcome to join us in communion. 

We also practice believers baptism by immersion and might baptize during a worship service.

Jesus never asked his disciples to remember His birth. But he did instruct them to remember his death and

resurrection. He gave the church two visible symbols (called “ordinances”) as reminders of his death. These two ordinances are: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper (Communion). These ordinance or sacraments are object lessons that represent a great spiritual truth for believers. That truth is the gospel: that Jesus died, was buried and rose again for our sins.

What to Wear

Communion & Baptism

What to Wear


Please come as you feel comfortable. You will see anything from jeans to suits and everything in between. 

Our congregations is diverse in age, race, and socioeconomic background. 

All are welcome. 


Life Groups

What to Wear


Guest parking is clearly marked with signs on the left side of the building when you first drive in. 

Handicaped parking is available in two locations. 

1) Past the guest parking near the back door entrance. Use this entrance if you plan to attend a small group or discipleship downstairs.

2) Around the other side of the building, next to the cemetery if you are entering the sanctuary via the ramp located at the front entrance. 

Overflow parking at KidsRKids. Follow side walk cut through to church.

Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups


Sunday 9am - Adults, Students, Children  Meet Downstairs

All our Life Groups are sermon lead small groups which means our groups delve deeper into the sermon topic each week and discuss how we can apply the truth to our lives. We've all got a lot going on. Instead of spreading ourselves too thin trying to learn many different things, we learn a few things about following Jesus really well. Instead of just gaining information, we can experience genuine life change. 


Life Groups

Life Groups


Do you have child care?  Yes, we have child care during the worship service for children under 6 years old. We encourage families to worship together. We provide an interactive color page that keeps your little ones engaged during the service. 

The children's area is located at the bottom of the stairs. You can sign your child in knowing they are safe and being looked after with care. If it's your first time with us, please allow extra time to sign in.